Surgical Pro Innovations was designed to serve hospital and surgery centers globally to offer medical professionals better options in how they use autograft bone. It uses replaceable cutters designed for one-time use and allows exemplary execution with almost no down time and high quality yields. We listened to medical providers for years and we have delivered a world-class solution that focuses on your needs, with less cleaning and prep time between procedures.

Our Surgical Suite line is operated by Surgical Pro Innovations, LLC. We're in facilities across the world offering doctors a new line of defensive in the operating room.

Our new Fiber Cutter is sure to amaze you; Cuttings are all of the same diameter and very in lengths from approximately 1/8” to 1” inch lengths. It should also be noted that a stack of fiber cuttings take a grind time 30 seconds. It would take a CNC machine hours to do the same!

Our products are superior in performance and meant to save you money with the use of replaceable cutting technology.

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